There has been yet another small magnitude earthquake in Connecticut today–a 1.8.. it was also the 11th the state has had in a week..

Officials are now reading to hold public awareness meetings with residents and inform them on how to prepare for a damaging earthquake in the state..

People in the state have been rattled by the constant shaking over the past 7 days. The latest small quakes have been enough to damage the nerves of people more than buildings or monuments.. The safe ground is awake and a-shake..

Remember this fact.. Connecticut has many fault lines as the state of California.. In the matter of the latest shaking, it is like according to geologists that the Hope Valley Shear Zone is the blame.

You can see a full list of fault zones across the world.. This planet is constantly moving and grooving, changing and amazing.

But with changes come shaking..

And with shaking comes quaking..
…He who is transplanted still sustains…