The Huck up

Mike Huckabee wants to run for president, again.. But before he loses, he’s making a mistake that may soon impale his candidacy before it even starts..

GOP’s Mike Huckabee Questions the Obamas’ Parenting of Sasha and Malia.. Why? Because they let their daughters listen to Beyonce..

This may the Huckabee Dan Quayle moment… Any student of history may recall when Quayle stepped onto a pop culture landline when he said the fictitious character should not have had a baby without a husband..

Quayle was lampooned.
And in my estimation, Beyoncé is a whole lot more popular because she is real and because she is adored by people all over the world.

Even though she is an honorary member of the illumanti and her real name is Sasha Fierce. Or so some would say..either way, this is quite the Huck up already in the 2016 campaign..