Night terror snooze

I feel a bit like I’ve let down my readers..

Before I go and say sorry and ask you to stick around, let me give you a little glimpse, first, as to why..

This is not my first rodeo.. or my first website. As a matter of fact, some friends would say I have had too many in life.. Currently, I have three active websites including this one.

Too often making websites is like a weird bad habit.. Constantly attempting to create the next best thing.. and then suddenly realizing how I botched it up..

When I created NIGHT TERROR NEWS only a few short months back, my goal was to make a site that could be creepy and real.. true to who I am.. and unlimited in scope.

Another site of mine is HORROR REPORT. A friend of mine constantly reminds me that he expects to find horror movie and related pop culture news on that site, and when he encounters news of the real it just doesn’t seem to fit..

The NIGHT TERROR NEWS site was meant to showcase my deep thoughts, often my own nightmares, theories on big picture issues like the existence of God, and, yes, even Art Bell related news..

But recently, something far more pervasive and offensive has invaded my postings.. politics.

My version of political reporting is to abstain from the two party system, to fairly take a step back and realize that both sides are so often wrong, and then add common sense to the mindless debate that normally gets encouraged by highly made up babes on FOX NEWS and all that ilk.. One story on politics I was recently proud of was my take on the new political realities and how, in a sense, the 1990s are back again.  Same old faces.. same old stories..

But today I posted a story called “The Huck Up.”  I stand by my analysis in the posting.. I think Mike Huckabee is failing in his early bid for attention by getting all the wrong kinds of attention. He will not win an election being critical of Sasha Fierce or her human name of Beyonce.. Even the voters of the cold corn fields of Iowa won’t buy into a new culture war against a woman most of the world loves. And Jay Z seems to like her alright, too..

The reason I say sorry in this matter is because I realized that, by posting such articles of inane political affairs, I am buying into the stand old pitch.. I am going with the flow.. I am not marching to the beat of a new drum, even though my original goal was to be my own band.

I love history. I love politics–at least watching it from a distance.. and I am an addict to information and news. A junkie of current events..

But I wanted NIGHT TERROR NEWS to add a new flavor to the internet.. to create, to question, and to inform. Not just about things you can see on the evening hours of CNN, MSNBC, OR FOX, but something new and bold.. different and peculiar.. Mysterious and thoughtful.

I let me readers down.
Too much politics..
You can get that everywhere else.

I will try to avoid the nonsense in favor of the strange, and bizarre.. And the amazing.

Life is amazing..
And short.

This world is filled with tremendous hate lately.. I think that’s a reportable thing.

But the inner workings of political parties and the horse race jockeying garbage is just refuse along the information superhighway.

There’s more to life that Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, or Hillary Clinton. What they do may matter and certainly is worth writing about.. however I wanted to write this somewhat tell-all as a ‘check myself before I wreck myself’ posting..

So I’m sorry.
Though I think Mike Huckabee is making a mistake, it really doesn’t matter.

And I wasted your valuable time by writing about it..
Let me say this now..
If I can’t get NIGHT TERROR NEWS right,  I will close the site down altogether…
There’s no time to mess this up now.