The Obama administration acknowledged today that it erred by failing to send a higher-profile representative of the United States to the Paris unity march on Sunday.

This came today from the White House press secretary at a briefing to reporters. However, the White House has not said where the president was during the actual event..

To be fair, wasn’t just about 10 years ago when Americans were renaming their french fries “freedom fries”?

People even accused John Kerry of being French during the 2004 Democratic national convention… I suppose that scared him so much of the time that even now, he refuses to go to the nation when he should have..

Either way people of both political persuasions agree it was a very bad public relations moved to miss this event.

  1. haha I was just talking about this. I feel like the media would go the opposite if any of the Obama administration went. The media would be like why go there, we have problems at home. You can’t win these days.

    1. It is just weird to think of how much we hated France and how the news media fed right into it.. And now suddenly they want us to be united with them. Which is fine. But they hypocritical

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