Horror 2015

His year has begun with a deadly rage, like the demons of hell of 2014 have simply picked up their pace ..
The DRUDGE REPORT this morning captures the sentiment of the world:


The year is beginning with terror and fear, horror and heartache.. Images of police begging for their lives and then being shot a point black range will haunt the world for some time.

But it’s only a reminder to me of the horrors we did not see in 2014. The media rarely talked about the butchery of Christians, women, children, and men in Iraq and Syria. The Isis crimes against humanity are akin to Nazi death camps, but instead America and they world collectively turned away..

According to officials, at least one of the perpetrators of yesterday’s Charlie HEBDO murders was 18. That means in 9/11, when this terror was got it’s roots, he was a young and innocent child..
It makes me wonder how many other beautiful and innocent children became extremists. Lots.
and those once innocent children are not literally beheading and stomping infants to death in towns across Iraq and Syria..

As the world turns.
And the horror burns.
The fire’s hot..
The planet rots,
As tots begin to kill ..

  1. Its sick that there is so much hate, and religion is at the center of fundamentalist extremism. Its also sick that the young are tauught to hate and continue killing.

    1. And sadly it’s so common.. A whole generation has been raised to expect medieval violence as normal