Dreams of my Father?

I blast my dreams to the world from time to time. At least those which mean something, or perhaps do..

The other evening I had one such type of dream–one that seemingly meant something just because I recalled it so vividly..

I am not going to re-broadcast this with any bias, nor religious bent. I will say I was born and raised Catholic. As so often, my breed of folk starts to have some deep reservations around the early 20s and then just gets frantic about it all by my age of the mid 30s..

I have never, to my memory, dreamed of a deity. I did dream of a Pope once back in the late 90s. That dream still is visual in my mind.. he was a newly elected Pope who was secretly a Nazi..

This new dream, simply, was this: I was in a deep cavern, I knew the location.. The people surrounding me were the background noise of my life, no one close or important in family or the circle of friends.. Suddenly, in the distance, I saw the silhouette of Jesus coming to me. I never saw his face in my dream but it was evident that it was him. He passed over me, I believe acknowledged me and even potentially brushed by my head.. In my dream I became speechless–not in fear or shock, but I believe I can interpret it as reverence.

When I woke up it was — tada 3am!– and the dream was perfectly crystal clear. No hazy memories or forgetfulness setting in but instead a clear and remarkable dream that seemed to make me want to go back to sleep and re-enter it again. I felt peace.

So the aftermath has continued. This dream occurred nights ago. Since then I have been almost sleepless studying dream meanings and significance, and weighing my options. Was it a prophecy? Was it a cry for help? Was it a season of religious icons dancing in my head? So many theories persist online.. so many possibilities.

But I know this: What I felt during the dream was so peaceful that I wish I could go back to it again. And since that dream, I have been hoping to find myself in a similar circumstance. Since that dream took place, nothing like it has occurred and the more mundane night terrors have stepped back in..