Only 7,200 minutes left to shop

The weekend is descending.. Nervous shoppers are undoubtedly expressing their panic in stores across America. Maybe.

I heard an ad for KOHL’s today.. they are apparently set to treat their employees to 24/7 operations from this weekend until Christmas.. Before you rage against the machine, ask yourself this: Will people buy it? Literally.. will shoppers dress in their Christmas best and sweat in malls or are they done.. Have they clicked away until their bank accounts have been drained?

I note that there is hardly a peep from anyone about what the holiday shopping season will be shaping up like monetarily this year.

That may very well be on purpose.. I think the traditional stores are done.
We are living in a transformational age. We want to buy our items differently and just maybe buy smarter. Wiser..

Or am I missing the boat here?

From the people I have discussed these issues with, there is still a great generational divide. People aged higher still like brick and mortar.. those under 40 are slowly accepting what the under 20 crowd knows: The internet is where shopping will be and where drones will get directions on what location a package should be delivered..

It’s a brave new world. And you can hide away in the comfort of your dark basement, clicking products on websites that give you some sort of access to the entire world.

However, that isn’t stopping stores from being open. 24/7.

So if you still want to get giant boxes of foreign made goods, now is the chance. Time is running out.  Only 120 more shoppings hours to go. Luckily the store you’ll be going to will be open every 7,200 minutes. That should be enough time, right?