After months of tension and anger, and the buildup of a racial divide in the United States, things got settled tonight on one hand. And really out of hand on the other..

Officer Michael Brown was not indicted for killing Michael Brown in the summer. Some say Brown’s hands were high in the air. Others said he was fighting.. Ten shots later, the story evolved into a cautionary tale of how the police state can manhandle Americans protesting and destroy any resistance that pops up..

And now tonight the PURGE is occurring..

The story is fluid.. it is developing quickly, it is changing .. Right now, rapid developments are taking place on my the television behind me that has live coverage.. phone alerts are coming to me in a furious speed.. Rapid fire developments are being broadcast from the street, where live cameras as rolling and live streams are streaming. The entire world seems to be watching Ferguson tonight.

And it’s raging..Outcry: Michael Brown's mother , sen in a white beanie and sunglasses, being held by a man in a green baseball shirt, collapsed after heading the decision Monday night 

A crowd gathered around a police cruiser and smashed in all of the windows on the car 

There was a very poignant moment tonight.. a very low key and somewhat aloof President Barack Obama went before the cameras soon after 10pm to address the nation from the White House. He was urging residents of Ferguson to stay calm, and protest peacefully.. meanwhile police cars were being set on fire and shots were blazing through the air–tear gas, it will pass.. but not fast. The raging images were juxtaposed to the President.. His voice was an even toned bore, he did not offer any words of comfort for a nation that desperately wanted them, needed them, and expected them. Instead his words sounded more like a tired parent giving countless warnings to a child “don’t do that again or I will get mad” …

But the President kept talking.. at one point Obama told the United States that “America isn’t everything that it could be.”  As those images of raging violence were placed right next to his talking head..

It immediately seemed that the President has lost the people–that we have moved on from his hope and change offered in 2008 and finally, after all this time, see through it..

What we did learn from Ferguson was this: The police state is active. Alive and well, and going on day by day in every way.. Wiretaps, warrantless searches.. This is what America has grown to see since Obama’s victory..

So tonight, as he droned on, his voice seemed to get more and more quiet. Or maybe his words were just not important.. There was nothing being said to stop violence, nothing to calm the deep emotions that are now raging..

This is how Thanksgiving 2014 looks.. This is America, so many years after Abraham Lincoln set a national day of Thanksgiving, this is how the wounds of a Civil War and devilish Radical Reconstruction still looks.

There are a number of elements at play here–race and class.. rich vs poor.. Freedom vs the police state. So many major themes to the major violence, and without question no solution in sight..

Another poignant image: A lone man blocking armored vehicles ..

There are no winners here.. Even though Darren Wilson wasn’t charged, his professional life may be over. Michael Brown’s life, itself, is over..

The split screen tonight will not be forgotten..
Tonight: A rebellion against the state has begun. The state will now pay for law enforcement, overtime, and large vehicles ..

HUNGER GAMES in real life?
The Brown family asked for peace. Instead the city is getting the PURGE..
Violence tonight in Ferguson: But the empire will strike back.
And that is when the real concern only begins..

And split screens will showcase a tale of two stories.. Thanksgiving 2014. America divided..