The Sunday morning sidewalk: A news roundup

The Sunday morning sidewalk, complete with a collection of some things that matter, and other things that won’t and don’t. At all.. Sometimes you have to discern appropriately and be the judge according to your means and mental might.. Things are rough on the high seas of the planet Earth. But we are still here, attempting to live our lives the best we can, even when ‘they’ want to put roadblocks between us and progress. All of our ‘they’ is different. But ‘They Live.’ As proven by headlines we focus in on this fine cold and cloudy Sunday morning–at least on my home turf..

The Illuminati is most likely zeroed in on from time to time by others on your Facebook newsfeed.. you may have researched it a bit, you know the story.. they all shine down there. But now Jim Carrey, in his blanket wall to wall promotion for DUMB AND DUMBER TO, went on Jimmy Kimmel to unleash on the secret that everyone knows may or may not exist.. There seems to be a symbol and code within Jim Carrey’s joke. He is telling the full truth with a smirk on his face. People who don’t believe it don’t realize the joke is on them..

Another interesting video: Rand Paul appeared on Bill Maher to talk about drugs, climate change, and ISIS..

Some box office news, for those who care.. DUMB AND DUMBER TO was strong enough to become the top movie of the weekend.. Last week’s hero BIG HERO 6 was sent to second.. Surprisingly INTERSTELLAR is third–I am hugely surprised as how weak INTERSTELLAR has done in comparison to the media blitz to promote it for months..

Another weekend.. another claimed ISIS beheading. This time the hostage named Peter Kassig.. His death, like others, has been published to the internet as a recruiting method for ISIS and snuff film for others.. I am uniquely disturbed by the way these news events occur–but I am equally very doubtful that the beheadings are happening in quite the same way that ISIS may say they are..

It’s a good day to be a stripper–well, what day isn’t, right? But this day, a court has ordered that strippers be paid back $10 mil in wages that they were cheated out of from 2005 through 2012.. The scene for this dance was in New York City. Strippers combined together into a seal mound of flesh, a class action lawsuit, and were able to convince the court that ‘performance fees’ for individual dances should have been counted as wages. The club is going to appeal the decision.. I am all in favor of the strippers’ argument–it actually makes sense. Equate it to a restaurant: If a person requests you to be their server because you are unique in your abilities to pleasure their palette, you are still an employee of the establishment. I cannot understand anyone’s logic who’d say the strippers are different in any regard to other employees in any industry.. Even those who find their job questionable need to realize they have a job, pay bills, and support families.. Club owners who take advantage of them are scum.. This court realized it.

The moment that a probe landed on a comet was a feat of strength for humans millions of miles away. But now the Philae lander has gone into sleep mode, dimmed by the lack of sunlight on Rosetta.. This was predicted and people were fully aware that the historic event could become a bleak moment like this.. the ESA is still branding the mission as a success and said a wealth of knowledge has come from it.. Until it sleeps. And awakens to probe another day. Goodnight Philae..

Universal is dropping the term ‘horror movie’ from its new monster movies genre.. That seems to be a big deal to me, lots of people in the horror community are surprised by the blow to the term ‘horror’ .. Why the decision? Horror confined the film ideas too much, and Universal seemingly wants to branch out. That’s fine, and it makes sense.. But does it make sense to rebrand some actual horror icons to action adventure? Movie goers will be the judge.. I actually argue this: It’s time for a whole new brand of film, a new genre.. we sort of imprison ourselves to the same all of the time. Perhaps no genre films is even better–comedy mixed with romance, horror and gore in between. Something for the whole family in a 2 hour pleasure of the senses.. Complete with a Taylor Swift song to open and a Rob Zombie scene of chaos to end. Just don’t include Bill Cosby..

Speaking of the Cos.. Life has now turned into an Internet full of chaos for the former funnyman.. Cosby has canceled his trip to David Letterman.. he was also asked about old rape allegations during an internet and he stayed silent–though most people do stay silent on NPR to begin with..This whole thing began days ago with Cosby asked Twitter fans to ‘meme him.’ Instead they maimed him, with a comedian in Philadelphia bringing up the rape news of yesteryear and saying Cosby has been too preachy while ignoring his own demons. Cosby seems unaware as to how to react. This is the internet: Where the past becomes prologue and no secrets are too much to retweet over and over and over and over and over again..

News from Florida: A woman has been struck by a drone. This happened in a crowded marketplace. A man was flying the drone when the incident occured, the woman was stuck by the propellers in her torso..

The other day a video was making its rounds online, and on my Facebook newsfeed. A father was singing “Blackbird” by the Beatles to his dying infant in the hospital–his wife and mother of his son had already died.. The video was depressing to me, I watched for about 35 seconds and, when the full extent of the scene playing out in the video hit my mind, I turned it off. Not in anger, but in a certain sense of being creeped out by seeing something extremely emotional and personal to someone else getting attention in my living room. now I understand that this man, Chris Picco, performed the song and published the video himself. SLATE has published a story written by Katy Waldman that sums up my own questions about the meaning of this video in the big picture of our world.. She writes and reminds us that in olden times, we’d take photos of dead babies and children to memorialize them. Now, with evidence of this video, we do other things.. we promote causes many times. We try to go viral.. and so often, I see this more and more, we take selfies even at funerals.. Is it disrespect, or quite the opposite, the ultimate sign of respect of those who pass away?

You want to be scared this Sunday? Try this: America’a aging nukes are controled by FLOPPY DISKS!! Read that twice, or thrice.. it’s not nice. Oh dear..

A social experiment shows some horrible things: Domestic abuse in an elevator is virutally ignored by other passengers..

Adult film stars showcase what the Internet would be like with net neutrality..

News from the world of stars on earth: Amanda Bynes is making the news for crazy things again. This time she says that she was ‘obviously joking’ about cutting her father’s throat. Right. Because most great jokes through time end in a punchline of cutting someone’s father’s throat.