When the spirits come alive… Deep in the mind of imagination

A new study shows that ghosts are all in the mind.. so much so that people begged for the study to stop..

This certainly shows the power of the mind..
But I wonder if something that gets conjured up actually does exist, say like Slenderman or other spirits who come out during Ouija board sessions?

It’s nice to tell ourselves that the illusions are all of our mind, that ghostly activities are figments of our brains..

But what about the potential that we on fact do create something? What if these safe ‘fictions of our brains’ are actually entities that in fact could become living, emulating tulpas from the past?

Call me crazy, people often do, but I have seen things in my life I could not explain, at least I thought I did given the circumstances of this British experiment .. My method of dealing with paranormal is to try to not give it attention in my personal life.. Whether fake, imagined, or real, ghosts and spirits don’t have a place in my reality… And for that reason, Ouija boards and other spirit boards are out of the question for me.. Included with that: Experiments where my mind summonses the other worldly. Because what gets conjured for the brief moment may in fact stick around..