Headset uses brainwaves to edit video, giving you a glimpse of dreams »

This—if it really works—would be amazing.. I would love beyond my wildest dreams (pun intended) to be able to flash back to last night’s night visions and figure out just what happened.. After all, we hardly remember most of the main dream, and there are lots of other flickering scenarios playing out while we sleep.. To record all of them would be amazing.. Maybe scary, too..

According to the DAILY MAIL report, here is some of the science behind this potential:

‘We tested the device at Manchester University last year and a lot of people who used it compared the experience to lucid dreaming.’

The technique relies on the MindWave Mobile – a headset developed by tech company NeuroSky, which costs £100 ($159).

In trials, volunteers were asked to wear the headset and watch a short film.

Mr Ramchurn said: ‘The rhythms of the editing, how the movie jumps from scene to scene, depends on the mind state of the person watching it.

‘Much like a dream you can’t really control what happens on screen. 

‘Your brain chooses the sounds and sights you experience but you can’t really direct them – you just have to go with it.’

He was inspired to come up with the project after reading Walter Murch’s book In The Blink Of An Eye, which compares dreams to films.

He said: ‘Films and dreams are very similar. 

What of the nightmares, though? And what about those dreams where, let us just say, the person we are married to is not the object of affection? Could our dreams end up being too private for us to record?

Or will we post them online? Make movies of our nightmares?

It is an amazing possible future on the way.

While it may be a completely different subject, imagine this: A murder victim’s final moments, recorded in their brain, and police and forensics teams can go back and watch the last moments. Crime solved..

But do our eyes deceive what we perceive? And do dreams just summarize the insurmountable?

The future is now..
And we will see a dream walking, talking, and coming alive. On a headset near you.