The 4CHAN murder

4CHAN is back in the news.. Earlier this autumn, it was because a user was actively posting nude celebrity hacked photos across the message board service.

Today it is because a murderer used the site to post grisly images of a corpse he had just ended the life of–he strangled the woman and then joked in messages that she fought back and that it was tougher to kill someone in real life than it was on the movies. Even more, the body was posted on 4CHAN prior to police or anyone discovering it.. In one taunting message, the killer stated that people will find out about the murder as soon as the woman’s son gets home from school and calls the police.. 

THE SMOKING GUN website has a full story on the horrid murder of Amber Lynn Schraw from Washington State.. She is a mother of four.. And now, thanks to the killer posting the morbid images, people saw her naked body with strangle marks on her neck.. While vile crimes and true horror has become commonplace since the gates of hell opened, this murder seems to be especially revolting..

At the hour, we know this: The 4CHAN murder suspect David Michael Kalac has surrendered in Oregon .. he did not pull the BB gun on cops as one message on 4chan suggested he would..

But 4CHAN is also in the mix on this. That website may be the brain and engine that gives us the MEMES and GIFs that are used on Facebook by the elderly and aged.. I am serious about this. 4CHAN may be one of the most important websites in existence, though so often is involved with crude and disgusting things.. 

Michael DALY of the DAILY BEAST wrote an interesting question in that publication when he asked if the murder of this woman ‘sicken the creeps of 4chan?’ Daly reports that the 13-year-old son that Kalac made reference to did indeed find his mother dead on a couch–something that boy will never get passed for the rest of his life thanks to a demonic vile creature who inhabited a body.. And even more, Daly asks this remarkably important question for the teenagers who run the net at 4CHAN: “They might take a moment to wonder why the killer thought they were just the ones with whom he wanted “to share the pics.””

I am very disturbed by this story.. it rocked me when I first read about it and hesitated actually sharing any thoughts on it immediately.

Those thoughts I had were laced with swear words and vitriolic rage.. The perversion of the Internet Superhighway has happened. We ruined the roads and crashed the bridges long ago.. Suicides streaming live and now murder victims with their naked bodies and strangled necks posted for the world to see..

This indeed is too much. And a clear indication of how much further we have to go down the path of hell on the planet earth..