President Obama reportedly penned a secret letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei last month discussing their shared interest in fighting the Islamic State — a development one congressional source told Fox News “f***s up everything.”..

Brussels Hit by Protests Over Government Austerity Plans..
100,000 take to the streets..

Claim: A man in North Carolina, who calls himself “Pazuzu Algarad,” murdered two prostitutes in a sacrificial ritual dedicated to the Middle Eastern demon Pazuzu, and then ate their flesh..

First look inside Clemmons home..
Covered in filth..

A powerful storm is slated to move over the Bering Sea this weekend, possibly becoming one of the most intense storms to ever impact the region…

This may be the oldest photo in existence of a human being..

  NIGHT TERRORS MUST READS: A true crime story from Chester PA. Warning: GRAPHIC..

The 4CHAN murder..

Conforming 9 to 5..

Study: Just like Navy engineers who jam the sonar of enemy ships, bats can jam the signals of other bats to ward off competition for food…

Planet formation captured in a photo..

New NASA experiment concludes that we may completely misunderstand galaxies..

Paranormal explained? New study says it’s all in your mind..
Why we believe in the paranormal..
The ghosts of our brains..

BUT.. There are also weird events that can shake skeptics to the core..

The future is now: Children today will see time travel and invisibility cloaks tomorrow..

What makes some people love horror movies.. and what makes others hate them?