The piano played on: A Nightmare on Mundane Street

Sometimes the most frightening night terrors occur in a vast puddle of the mundane. The boring.. the dull..

Nightmares can surround themselves around the topics of monsters, Slender-men, demons or ghosts.. but there are those dreams that come about, the type I had last night, where I could not escape the boring but yet disturbing.. In one dream, I was rejected for a job.. All of the sudden, I was being sued because I told another prospective employer ‘secrets’ about the one that didn’t hire me.. I sense an overwhelming fear of the unknown in this terror, one where I was propelled into a cause and effect thought process within my dream.. Legal talk at night.

That is always scary..

Two other dreams that I had surrounded a piano. I own a piano, and have developed the ability to play by ear.. In my dream, for some strange reason, I had to travel with my piano. The problem was my son was in the Jeep, therefore the piano’s only place to be was on the top of the car.. While I was driving through a parking garage similar to the game (*which I have become addicted to*) HILL CLIMB, the piano was falling off.. I saw co-workers who were loudly mocking me and some other personal activities of mine..Finally when I exited the garage, the piano clear fell off. Thanks to a friend from high school who suddenly showed up, it was hoisted back on..

In one final piano dream, and the last one I can remember from the night, I was in a classroom setting and the professor had a miniature piano. I was told to play it.. and it sounded awful. It was out of tune.. and my playing abilities suddenly fell apart under the pressure.

When I woke up, I was flat out exhausted..
These mundane dreams provided me stress and nervousness, and quite frankly were much worse than a nightmare.. at least when your night soul encounters a bad dream, you suddenly awake before the danger hurts. In these mundane night terrors, the boring actions continue but the stress level rises with it. I’d much rather forget my dream altogether as opposed to having to relive over and over again the blood pressure raising dreams of the dull..

Incidentally, since twpianoo of the dreams last night involved the piano as the center theme, it’s worth noting what the common thought is of a piano during your night visions: Femininity and joyous occasions.

But an untuned piano is one of distraction.. perhaps if I was to do any interpretation of my own dream, it would be this: The joyful occasions are there, but an untuned piano is keeping from me.. also there is an overall theme that I am not on the right path concerning something..

The fact that current co-workers were involved means that I feel they are trapping me, keeping me off the path.. The same with the job rejection: I am not on the right path so I am being punished for trying.. and finally, a high school friend shows up. I need to go back to my roots and explore what I really want in life–and maybe go back to a time when I decided what I wanted to do before reality of the world came and threw me off track..

As the band played on..
The mundane kept playing.