Ebola in America..

We have all been very keenly aware of the situation in Dallas .. Now enter New York City into the mix.

The BIG APPLE has its own Ebola scare tonight..

Doctor Craig Spencer just returned from New Guinea, we are told.. he was in the country helping with the Ebola outbreak on the African continent. He worked for Doctors Without Borders. Once back onto the shores of America and within the nation’s borders, he traveled from Manhattan to Brooklyn on a subway. He also went bowling.. He took a taxi back home on Wednesday.

Thursday, today, he had a 103 fever and taken to Bellevue Center and placed into isolation.

Now the feat of strength for the government: To figure out who he was in contact with since returning to the United States and the number of places, besides the bowling alley, he was..

Marc Santora from the NEW YORK TIMES has a thorough report online tonight.

The fear factor is alive and well.. The city that never sleeps is constantly, also, on edge about most things. It’s presumable that it will also be on pins and needles as this Ebola nightmare now develops in their metropolis..

Something to consider.. in pop culture, film, and all the rest, viral infections and diseases always seem to be more frightening in a densely populated area.. Doctors will tell New Yorkers not to be alarmed, not to be worried, and go about their business as usual. But that will be difficult.. The Mayor will also state that calm and rational minds should be in charge.

More details will be revealed over the coming hours.. All eyes will be on the New York response..

Meanwhile, the media is running this photo tonight of Dr. Spencer:


While he is not taking a selfie, he clearly is posing in his medical gear, without fear, in Africa.

He now is hit with Ebola, the disease he went to help people with..

He brought it to New York City.

No word on his bowling score..

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