The great clown panic of 2014

News from France.. armed clowns.. Teen arrested..

The panic continues.
The clown scare of Halloween 2014 continues, now around the globe..

The AFP reports this:

A 19-year-old young man was arrested on Friday after waving a stick resembling a long knife while chasing a group of teenagers, who had to seek refuge in a chip stand.

He was also sentenced to 105 hours of community service and banned from carrying a weapon for five years.

The clown conundrum as of late has caused fears–why are they suddenly appearing everywhere? The new Twitter and Instagram rage thanks to WASCO the clown has led to dozens of copycatters.. some of them smashing pumpkins… others staring at surveillance cameras..

It’s certainly strange.. and now as we see in France, the clown craze has jumped the shore..

May as well happen, I guess. During times of plagues, the clowns will rise.. The madness of the insane grin and dead eyes, staring at us through the window that separate the sane from insane.

Send in the clowns..

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