The wired nature of our collective future

We are all plugged in .. in a sense, we are wired already, just in a virtual nature. Our phones capture our every meal, mood, and adventure. We post them to the internet. Facebook is crowded, Instagram is packed.. Twitter is a mess of updates from people with a handful of followers. We are guided by what is viral at the moment, sometimes by the second.. And in the end, we forget most of what we see.

But imagine a future world in which we are literally wired in.. The way a computer’s hard drive gets nested in a machine. Picture our brains connected all of the time. We can Google up an answer to a question by using our brain’s search function. If we get a cough or cold, we can use a computer program to virus scan our body and find the ailment we are suffering from.. And to make a call, simply  bring your hand up to your ear and talk. The phone will be fused into your wrist.

Thumb prints will buy your food..

There may also be a few problems that come along, knocking us off the grid. Maybe a solar flare will take us out.. But as long as the future continues to unfold without major fanfare, get ready for a few things..

Such as cyborgs.

They are on the way..
The post-human world is here, almost. Even the UK TELEGRAPH is running an article concerning this.. Transhumanism is a religion for some, a cult for others.  The TELEGRAPH story compels me to think of a few of the amazing features the future will give, but also cringe like a scared child at the dangers that are forthcoming. The perils and positives all at the same time.

The question of whether joining or opposing is almost an obsolete concern. The future is steamrolling towards us, like a freight train off the tracks. But in this case, the train conductor is aware of how fast the speed is, and completely fine with the chaotic nature of a crash that will ensue..

Brain implants connecting us to the Internet will change how we behave, learn, and operate on a day to day basis. Some even say that internet connected spinal implants will allow for long distance sex–we will be connected quite literally around the world.. And just imagine: Interchangeable limbs!

Interchangeable limbs.. indeed.
The future’s so bright, we will have to implant shades.