A weekend without terror

I decided I had enough.
Enough news, enough Ebola.. enough fiction about zombies and terror, and quite enough of reality.  This weekend, after all, was my 7th anniversary weekend with my wife.. Seven years went by fast. I can still taste the wedding cake, it feels like just yesterday.  That is similar to what Billy Joel sang about in FAMOUS LAST WORDS.. and that was a long time ago as well.

I had a wonderful dinner.. an amazing time with my wife.. Time was lost as the clock moved closer to closing time. And a babysitter at home needed to be relieved. And hell, we wanted to get home with our son before bedtime anyway. So the 7th anniversary stretch was cut short a bit. We had our fill of fine wine and fancy food..

So it was a news-free weekend.

Or a bit of one..I still cheated a bit–news alerts from CNN told me that the military–yes, the military–was prepping a ‘rapid response’ team for the homeland. At first I thought it was a violation of Posse Comitatus. But then I realized it was even more frightening to hear that the military was going to have a ‘rapid response’ to deal with the Ebola patients surely to pop up on the homefront..

And the WALKING DEAD was on in the background, though I really was not interested this go around..

No, I want to try to finish off this weekend without news.
Without fear..
Without the terrors of real headlines.

Just one weekend.

We need to do that now and then.

Because Monday comes around before you know it..
And those night terrors begin anew..