The expensive manhunt in the Pennsylvania woods

Eric Frein manhunt costs at least $1.4 million per week »

This is becoming an expensive and futile show of force in the Poconos.. A new norm has become a reality in the area where Frein may be, but is not being found..

Every day, another press conference with stern warnings and messages that the state police are closing in on the cop killer in the woods. And then every night on the local news, WNEP, or WBRE, another story about how the day’s search came up with nothing.

False leads..
Adult diapers.
Schools in fear..
Restaurants locking up their trash bins.

The new norm indeed.

The part that perhaps is strangest of all, in this season of Halloween, is that a killer roams the woods.. he is silent and keenly aware of his surroundings. And somehow, with thousands of police officers searching like hell to find him, he has not yet been located.

$1.4 million per week later….nothing.

Unless they aren’t telling us everything—which I certainly hope is the case.

That or …maybe a bear got him.