We may have a carrier..

News emerged today that Dallas County law enforcement officers are looking for a man who rode in the Dallas Fire-Rescue ambulance that had carried a man stricken with Ebola to Texas Health Presbyterian hospital.. MORE from the local reports on the matter: County Judge Clay Jenkins said Dallas police and county sheriff’s deputies are trying to find the man, who reports have suggested is homeless.

This would appear to be a genuinely important issue to handle immediately..

While his name is not being released, statements on the matter go sort of like this:

“We are working to locate the individual and get him to a comfortable, compassionate place where we can monitor him and care for his every need for the full incubation period,” Jenkins said in an emailed statement. “I want to emphasize that he is a low risk individual and we are doing this out of precautionary measures.”

What is being left out: We need to find this man to eliminate the chances he will carry a deadly disease to others in the population in Texas, especially the homeless who lack and basic ability to get medical treatment when needed.. And sure we’ll put you in a compassionate place, but don’t expect to see sunlight for a bit of time as you are quarantined from society.