In case you haven’t notice.. it seems it.

God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?

— Nietzsche, The Gay Science, Section 125, tr. Walter Kaufmann

Anyone who took philosophy class knows the complex nature of Nietzsche’s words in this matter..The implication was not about the existence of a God, but instead about the need for one. Nietzsche felt that as we grew and changed, society and the world would not need to have the moral nature of a God anymore.. Instead, we’d develop and outgrow the desire to be connected by a moral code, instead resorting to the basic human nature that we are all born with. God was dead in his eyes–at least dying.

Fast forwarding to today’s planet, it’s clear that the final nails in God’ coffin are being driven, some would say.. Others would argue quite the opposite will be true, that a revival of spirit will take place and that if life is found elsewhere, for example, we will baptize alien beings in to the Christian or Catholic community. That’s a high expectation, and maybe half jokingly said by some, but people in the Vatican have been quoted as saying they’d do just that. Meanwhile, the Vatican’s high powered telescopes look deep into space for life. I think because they know full well that life elsewhere may disprove the notions that God made earth special.

But some don’t care as we move forward into a transhumanistic world.  A certain generation of Christians, those born again in the tenets that the Bible is truly literal and that science is flawed and devilish, don’t care much about anything happening. They proudly proclaim the word, say dinosaurs and humans coexisted in some magical paradise, and that the planet is really only a few thousand years in age–carbon dating? pshaw.. We have the Bible, they say. Also, if all else fails and the world falls apart, there is an exit plan: They will be beamed up, not by Scottie, but by God. The Rapture will come and they will vanish from the sight of others, as festivus for the restivus continue and die horrid deaths during the final end times before judgement. Sounds fun for them, no so much for others.

Nietzsche’s comments don’t factor in much for them.

However, facts do propose a problem for religion’s existence in then future. Church going is down, way down as a matter of fact since 2004. While there may still be some who tithe, there certainly is not that fear in the hearts of man that without tithing their income they will land at the gates of hell upon death. Instead, a decade plus of scandals regarding priests and religious icons involved with dubious schemes and deplorable sex acts have given us a new generation of people who go online to get some facts that past people were not privy to.

Long ago, people would be jailed, tortured, and killed by religions for trying to find out facts. The world being flat is perfectly fine. The earth being the center of the universe is too..

The problem is, information began to become easier to get.
Today, it’s everywhere.

People stroll down the street and Google whatever question comes up. Answers are immediate. Libraries are pointless to many.. as are the hallowed halls of Churches.

If people want faith, they’ll find it themselves.
And if people want to deny the existence of God, there’s certainly a lack of prove that says he’s there. So bingo.. God is dead.

As far as whether God is really dead? That’s the problem..
We don’t know.We won’t know. Some say they do, and claim their near death experiences have transferred them from doubt into a camp of belief.  Many say that those who disbelieve the paranormal or other worldly simply have yet to have it happen to them. I know that in my own experiences when family have become close to death, a certain veil did seem to lift. Perhaps it was just because of a mental breakdown with the brain having a lack of understanding of what demise really is, or because.. well..the veil did thin out quite fine.

The next twenty or so years may be very interesting.
If God isn’t dead by then, maybe he never will be.

Science is working hard to disprove him–but not intentionally. While some scientists may laugh at chuckle at people with blind faith, science itself simply figures out hypothesis to problems. And tests them–at least they should. And if mankind will live forever, would a God stop that? At what point does a higher power just end this…

I have delved into both camps of belief. I was born Catholic and succumbed to the Catechism in years of parochial schools.  All of them are not closed, though, as attendance dried up … That may be saying something in itself.

I have also gone down the camp of no God. Nothing.. Just us, humanity.. and nothing more.
That is sad to me.. Some may say that it’s not. But I think it is. I find it to be a very lonesome existence to think that an accident occurred and led to life on a planet. We are meaningless … just warring and hating on a round ball that spins around a sun somewhere in oblivion.

I had a child in the year 2011. And things got serious.. I became inclined to make it a purpose to develop a real true theory on God and life before he was old enough to talk. That didn’t happen. Now I will try by the time he’s old enough to ask questions of importance–I think. However, when I contemplate his existence without a God I become even sadder.. Why would I bring a child into a world that has no point? How unfair for his parents to do that to him..

I have lately been asking him where he was before he was in his mother’s belly.  He looks at me with a bit of confusion and changes the subject back to something he knows about, like Spider-Man or Woody Woodpecker. One day, I believe, he may answer. I hope..

But time is running out for a memory of a past life to show itself, right?

A few days ago I asked a circle of friends this question: If you could create a planet with life, would you give them religion or not? The answers I got, even from an agnostic, was that religion would be necessary for existence to continue, and that faith clarifies things and gives a moral code.

The crusades?
Torture in the name of God?
Buying your way into heaven?
That is not morality.. that is depravity.

Those who say they don’t happen still should look no further than to the actions of ISIS.

So here I am .. writing this post and being unable to conclude it.
I don’t know how to sum up thousands of years of God, and a sudden lapse of faith worldwide.

I will simply say this: If God is dead, he can always come back again.

After all, those who don’t believe may just not have experienced it yet.

And I dare say this to conclude: I believe that even atheists of the most hardcore nature deeply ponder if there is a God, and hope like hell that even though they earthly words profess nothing, that a special something still awaits them.