Terror in the air: Cries of children and fears of passengers–even a Twilight star–who thought they’d die

The video is horrendous. Many people were weeping and trembling in fear as the cabin of a JetBlue flight began to fill with smoke.  To make matters more troubling to the senses, there are audible tears of babies rising in the background through the thick smoke in the video.. The flight crew was warning everyone to brace themselves before a potential crash landing.. and a star of TWILIGHT, Jackson Rathbone, was recording on his camera for the world to–hopefully–eventually see..

Despite a movie actor being on board, this was no set. This was real life.. and frightening at that.

CNN reports in detail the happened when JetBlue flight 1416 nearly fell to the ground, with the entire plane filling with thick smoke as one of the engines exploded..

See the video here:

Sometimes things are too creepy.. the fact that a actor from the movie TWILIGHT was on board is enough to make you scratch your head and wonder, ‘why this plane?’ Fate is fickle. Funny.. and often gives us the ‘finger’ as LAUGH IN once joked on a regular basis..

The more troubling aspect of this very real life and harrowing near death experience for the plane passengers: Those cries.. Those tears. I heard the babies wailing as they struggled to breathe and adults crying out as though they were screaming to God “just give me one more day! one more minute! don’t let this be it!”

God responded. Or fate did.
Or chance..
Or luck.
Or whatever rules this world in a collective semblance of order within chaos.

But those cries.. they got me.

Perhaps because I am a parent, and know that cry of fear very well. Or maybe because I am a human too.. and deep down we all know that the ultimate demise for any of our bodies is death .. Death was not only knocking on this plane’s door but it was nearly breaking it down..

However, a skilled pilot landed it safety.. a few people have minor injuries, but there was nothing serious to report..

And that is the amazing part.
Along with a movie actor from TWILIGHT filming the entire plane leaving it safely..

With all of the plane oddities in 2014, this could have very easily been the next air disaster.. It was not, instead, it was the next miracle on the planet.
And now one must ponder the consequences for the souls on board: To what end will they change, stay the same, or neither.. Will this experience make them appreciate life even more, or will, as some often do, be confused as to how and why they survived the near catastrophe..

As CNN sums up..

As it cruised back over land, the plane began to quake, and passengers broke into tears, afraid for their lives.

“Everyone was crying,” passenger Dean Delbaugh said. “I thought this was it.” His wife, seated next to him, clung to him.

Rathbone was also flying with his family.

“I recited the Lord’s Prayer as I held my son and my wife in my arms,” he posted to social media site whosay.

And no disaster in our modern age is complete without a selfie. And that’s just what Rathbone did..