This is a definition of a night terror

children-and-sleep-night-terrors-300x212This website will broadcast you news you can use, and news you can’t believe.. Hopefully we will do our best to scare you to the point where you may leap from reality.. and then bring you back with a touch of humor, a tad bit of positive talk, or a quaint image of goodness from this planet..

But it’s the mental unrest that gets me at night–and I am sure you, too..

I just read this article about a three-year-old boy in Brooklyn who was found in his room covered by bites and blood.. NBC is New York is reporting that the mom, Marilyn Abreu, suspects that rats are to blame .. even worse: The poor innocent boy attacked is special needs, and was unable to cry out when he was being bitten by whatever real life night terror visited him..

This is the very definition of a night terror of realism..

We have a fond notion that we are safe in our own home..
In our own room..
In our bed.

We get the impression that world, in all its anarchy and unpredictable nature, will stay outside of your window. We all want to think we will look out and the hidden dangers will stay there.

When they come in–as they did for this family–it shatters our existence. It forces us into a corner we never expected to be in.. from a box we cannot escape. The sound sleep we enjoy is hindered by the hunter–the hunter has no name and no form, it’s prey is us.. its goal is desolation of human existence.  Some call him ‘fate,’ others call him ‘hate.’ He goes by names as God or the devil.. Death, Luck or Chance. We conjecture to know his name, however we  must submit to the fact that we have no fathom of his face…

I feel so much empathy for this boy, his mother.. and all of the others across this planet who cannot sleep in peace. As a father myself, I know the mental catastrophe that occurs when ‘Luck’ rocks the witching hour in the middle of the night.