Friendly monsters and promotions to a dark world

Ever have one of those visceral nightmares that shine from deep within the soul? I had one such last night.. an executive from my day job–one I rarely deal with–offered me a promotion so as long as I gave her tidbits and innuendo about fellow employees. Her promise was a ‘job’ of some sort.. But lacking was details–the devil’s always in the details.

download (1)In real life, I don’t deal with this person at all.. however, her power is understood. In my dream, my direct involvement with her sheds a bit of light on her type of character..

And don’t dreams do that?
Add some light in the darkness?
Sometimes shed some truth on someone’s real personality?

In my dream–which was a bit of a night terror of the professional type–I never answered. I was confused and thoroughly nauseated by the fact I’d have to rat out friends in my job (though there’s no proof even they are doing anything wrong in either the real world or the nocturnal one) ..

I awoke feeling pressure .. pressure from the other worldly image of this chief executive.. And pressure that maybe, in my real existence, someone is pressuring me to do things I don’t want to do.

But isn’t that life in general?
Pressure to do things we don’t want to do?

I found one thing a bit alarming about this dream.. In real life, this very powerful boss is actually a very quaint looking individual. Like all others, she has family, dreams, and habits. She’s human. But in my night visions, she was the devil–clearly the deal she was giving me was something a demon would do. While I don’t know if a demon exists in real life, it was apparent in my mental confusion deep in sleep. I am happy I didn’t give in–but a few more minutes of sleep and perhaps I would have.