Fear factoring


I wrote a post a few days ago regarding 2009es, the space rock that journalists (without research) were purporting to say would potentially come close to the planet and, if it hit, make all life itself extinct.  A frightening way to start a week.  My article attempted to re-focus the whole thing back on facts. It is simple in the

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The bombing of Blair Witch. Some proclaim the end of ‘found footage’ horror.. I say it’s just your usual generational shift


IT’S OVER! Sorta… The found horror movie crave is behind us.. So says Variety.. In an article celebrating the box office bomb that is the new BLAIR WITCH, the author, Owen Gleibermein, seems to celebrate the upcoming demise of the found horror movie. He also correctly points out that the demise may be far from happening–but the big profits of found movies may be

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Del Bigtree was in Harrisburg Monday


You may love him. You may hate him.. You actually may have no idea who he is..  Del Bigtree is the producer of the controversial documentary VAXXED–there have been countless screenings canceled and showings at film festivals halted due to the nature and content of the film.. Bigtree’s documentary focuses on purported dangers of vaccines. It is a controversial topic–and

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Halloween 16: Same old same old


Every year the National Retail Federation gives people a view into what may be the hot party outfit for Halloween.. What kids may be appearing at your door wearing.. What skimpy outfits could be the prized apparel in the 20-30 demo ..  Here is this year’s breakdown: Among the children: Action/Superhero Princess Animal (Cat, Dog, Lion, Monkey, etc.) Batman Character

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Rahami in custody after shootout


This news is developing the hour.. Reporting from CBSNEWS IN NEW YORK: — A man being sought in connection withexplosions in Chelsea and Seaside Park, New Jersey has been taken into custody following a shootout, Linden police said. The arrest came just hours after the FBI, NYPD and New Jersey State Police issued bulletins and photos of Ahmad Khan Rahami,

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